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Learn to play Jazz Piano in a variety of authentic styles…

Jazz Chord Voicings

A wide variety of musical effects can be realized by the vertical arrangement of notes in a chord. Given their harmonic complexity, Jazz chords, in particular, offer many opportunities for creative chord voicing.

Major Chord Voicings

Minor Chord Voicings

Dominant 7 Chord Voicings

Major Tonality Improvisation

The [Major] ii7-V7-IM7 Chord Progression

Minor Tonality Improvisation

The [Minor] iiø7-V7-i Chord Progression

Jazz Blues

Rhythm Changes

  • Rhythm Changes: A Section Variation #1
  • Rhythm Changes: A Section Variation #2
  • Rhythm Changes: B Section: Secondary Dominant 7 Cycles

Mixolydian Tonality

Dorian Tonality

Quartal Tonality

Jazz Standards

Practice Tracks