How Music Works: Scales


Learn to conceive of and study-practice Scales like a musician!!!

  1. Why Study Scales?
  2. What is a Scale?
  3. Scale Structure: The Number System
  4. Scale Structure: The Solfege System
  5. Number System or Solfege?
  6. Solfege and the Notion of Keys
  7. Melodic Analysis: The Beauty of Solfege
  8. Scales: A Harmonic View
  9. Scales: A Non-Linear View

Scale Types: Theory & Ear Training

  1. C Major
  2. C Natural Minor / C Melodic Minor / C Harmonic Minor
  3. C Mixolydian / C Dorian / Lydian
  4. C Major PentatonicC Minor Pentatonic
  5. C Minor Blues / C Major Blues
  6. C Middle Eastern / C Japanese
  7. Comparative Scale Study: Theory & Ear Training

Way to Know a Scale

  1. Introduction
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Keyboard Awareness
  4. Aural Comprehension
  5. Performance
  6. Scales as Chords
  7. Scales as Modes

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