Piano Technique: Five Note Left-Right Independence Studies

The deceptively easy-looking five note studies below are a great way to test and develop independence between your left and right sides…

… as well as a great study in dynamics and articulation.

It is critically-important to understand that these are not “exercises”. You cannot get the desired results by doing them wrong over and over and over again. You can only get the desired results by experimenting with different ways of using your body until something clicks.

These will seem very difficult, if not impossible at first, but don’t give up. You will master these if you persevere! I promise!

Technique Tips:

  1. To play legato, think connected. To play staccato, think disconnected.
  2. To play louder, think more weight. To play softer, think less weight.

Pattern #1. Both Hands Legato, Medium Loud


Pattern #2. Both Hands Legato, Right Hand Loud, Left Hand Soft


Pattern #3. Both Hands Legato, Right Hand Soft, Left Hand Loud


Pattern #4. Both Hands Staccato, Medium Loud


Pattern #5. Both Hands Staccato, Right Hand Loud, Left Hand Soft


Pattern #6. Both Hands Staccato, Right Hand Soft, Left Hand Loud


Pattern #7. Right Hand Staccato, Left Hand Legato, Both Medium Loud


Pattern #8. Right Hand Staccato & Loud, Left Hand Legato & Soft


Pattern #9. Right Hand Staccato & Soft, Left Hand Legato & Loud


Pattern #10. Right Hand Legato, Left Hand Staccato, Both Medium Loud


Pattern #11. Right Hand Legato & Loud, Left Hand Staccato & Soft


Pattern #12. Right Hand Legato & Soft, Left Hand Staccato & Loud


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