Gospel School: Intro #1

A well-crafted introduction serves multiple musical purposes: establishing the key, building excitement, and setting the proper tone before jumping into a tune. The big three chords (I-IV-V) with chord inversion that create bass line motion that is so characteristic of gospel. The octaves in the left hand provide a solid, fat bottom while the the four-note

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Gospel School: The I-I/3-IV Progression

A definitive Gospel device for moving from the I chord to the IV chord is to invert the I chord, creating a delicious sense of harmonic motion and melodic interest. This is such a staple of gospel playing that it deserves its own lesson. Notice the strength of the melodic motion in the bass, creating a

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Gospel School: Pickups

Pickups are a great way to build momentum and anticipation for the arrival of the target chord on the downbeat. Here are three for your consideration… Pickup #1 Emphasizing the “6” of the chord is very characteristic of Gospel. Don’t forget to swing the eighth notes… Study-Practice Notes Don’t rush the pickup notes. Allow them to

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