Piano Technique

piano-ology-piano-technique-featured-photo-by-dolo-iglesias-on-unsplash Photo by Dolo Iglesias on Unsplash

Here you are going to learn how to use your brain and move your body in a way that enables you to play the piano with natural ease and artistry…

  1. Piano Technique Fundamentals: General Principles
  2. Piano Technique Fundamentals: Body Awareness Training
  3. Commentary on Hanon, Cortot, Czerny, etc.
  4. Why Everyone Should Buy Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist
  5. Fingering Principles
  6. Finger Numbers
  7. Fingering Revisited
  8. Keyboard Layout: Middle What?
  9. Articulations (Legato, Staccato, Portato)
  10. Muscle Memory
  11. Proprioception & Visualization
  12. Connect the Dots
  13. “Fast” Versus “Slow” Playing
  14. Do You Change Fingers on Repeated Notes?
  15. Prepared or Unprepared Attack?
  16. Left-Right Integration
  17. Five Note Left-Right Independence Studies
  18. The Black Keys
  19. Momentum
  20. Chunking & Continuity
  21. Finger Crossovers
  22. Circular Playing
  23. Think Thumbs
  24. Sticky Fingers
  25. Up & Down, a Lesson in Legato
  26. Lazy Thumbs
  27. Octaves Made Easy
  28. An Introduction to Phrasing
  29. “Inside” a Single Note
  30. Play Something!
  31. Visio-Spatial Keyboard Awareness: Major Triads
  32. Micro-Lessons

Study Aids