Learning Goals

To understand how your body moves, how the piano works, and how to interface your body with the piano in order to play with ease and artistry.

Links to Lessons

The Proper Mindset

How Your Body Works

How the Piano Works

How Your Body & the Piano Work Together


Special Topics

Muscle Memory / Choreography / Proprioception & Visualization / Middle What? / Connect the Dots / Do You Change Fingers on Repeated Notes? / Prepared or Unprepared Attack? / Left-Right Integration / Five Note Left-Right Independence Studies / The Black KeysMomentum / Throwing / Finger CrossoversCircular Playing / Think Thumbs / Sticky Fingers / Scoping the Range of a Piano / Up & Down, a Lesson in LegatoLazy Thumbs / How to Play Scales in High & Low RegistersOctaves Made Easy / Visio-Spatial Keyboard Awareness: Major Triads / Micro-Lessons /

Principles of Velocity (best viewed in order show)

The Speed Myth -> The Problem Defined -> “Fast” Versus “Slow” Playing -> A Computer Analogy -> A Language Analogy -> Intentions -> A Point to Ponder -> The Magic Compass -> No Pain, No Gain! -> Brawn, No! Finesse, Yes! -> Finger Training -> Novices & Experts -> Expectations -> The Source -> How to Make Your Fingers Stronger -> Choreography -> Mental Ease -> Physical Ease -> The Invitation

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