Piano Technique

Learning Goals To understand how to move your body in a way that enables you to play the piano with natural ease and artistry. Links to Lessons Piano Technique: Myth & Reality The Development Process Mental or Physical? How Your Body Works: Introduction General Principles of Expert Technique Symptoms of a Technical Problem Causes of a

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Rock School

Learning Goals Rock music spans an enormous range of styles — rockabilly, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, hard, soft, psychedelic, surf, punk, folk, progressive, country, southern rock, new wave, grunge, heavy metal, alternative, jazz fusion — to name but a few. Here you will learn to play Rock Piano in a variety of authentic styles. Links to

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How to Study-Practice

Learning Goals Applying the lessons learned in Emotional Preparation and How Your Brain Works, we are going to learn how to study-practice music the right way. It is critically important that you fully understand the simple, but powerful, concepts presented here for at least two reasons. First, they will instill study-practice skills/habits that will transforming endless frustration into

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How Your Brain Works

Learning Goals Isn’t it curious (and so very unfortunate) that we all go to school for years and years without ever learning how our brain, the very organ that we are trying to change in the process, works? It is no wonder that piano lessons (and education in general) are often synonymous with drudgery and frustration.

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Please join me in a heartfelt thank you to the following for their generosity and moral support… August 2019 Geoffrey Flint, Pretoria South Africa May, June, July 2019 none April 2019 Siyu Guo, Sydney Australia Michelangelo de Pinto, Pesaro Italy March 2019 Michelangelo de Pinto, Pesaro Italy February 2019 Kieran Wills, Harlow Essex United Kingdom January 2019 Alistair Mills, Lambourn

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Meet Your Teacher

What Music Means to Me My name is Frank Peter, a middle-aged semi-pro musician and the sole proprietor and creator of Piano-ology. I am in love with music… and have made it a big part of my life because it challenges and excites so many things that make me feel alive. I do not consider myself to be

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The Piano-ology Story

Piano-ology is… Piano-ology is more than a collection of music and piano lessons. Piano-ology is a holistic journey that celebrates life, freedom, love, work, and human potential. Piano-ology is the distilled compendium of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from one man’s intensive and ongoing search for freedom and self-expression in both music and life. Piano-ology is an extensive

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