How Music Works: Chord Progressions

Learning Outcomes Studying Chord Progressions is essential to understanding how an enormous amount of music works. The lessons here will expand your musical literacy, deepen your theoretical understanding, heighten your aural awareness, and develop practical performance skills like sight reading, playing from memory, playing by ear, improvisation, and transposition. Links to Lessons Why Study Chord Progressions? Chord

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How Music Works: Chords

Learning Goals To develop an your theoretical understanding and aural comprehension of harmony. To expand your visio-spatial awareness of the piano keyboard. Links to Lessons Why Study Chords? Melody & Harmony Chord Structure: The Number System Intervals You Gotta Know Triads You Gotta Know Seventh Chords You Gotta Know Voicing Inversion Consonance & Dissonance Study Aids

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How Music Works: Scales

Learning Outcomes To profoundly understand the role that scales play in the function of music, both melodically and harmonically. To expand your visio-spatial awareness of the piano keyboard. To develop your aural comprehension by expand your conception and perception of pitches in functional terms. To develop Relative Pitch (RP), the ability to comprehend and perceive pitch relationships

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