Webcam Lessons!


One of my greatest joys is sharing my love and knowledge of music with others so that they, too, can discover the artist that is already inside them.

My specialties include piano technique, practical music theory & ear training, and composition & improvisation.

I particularly enjoy working with self-motivated adults who want to take their music-making to the next level.

Whatever your musical and life goals, you will be immersed in a process that introduces you to your musical body, mind, and spirit… giving you the deep understanding of what makes music really tick.

Along the way, we will cultivate a short list of extremely effective study and practice habits that will enable you to progress quickly and in leaps and bounds..

After justs a few lessons, you will have the knowledge required to become your own best teacher.

I can’t afford to give lessons for free, but I am happy to work for donations to the website.

If interested, please send an email describing your musical background and goals.

Thanks and Peace.

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