Time & Rhythm: Micro-Lessons

piano-ology-time-and-rhythm-micro-lessons-featured-image-by-james-demers-from-pixabaypiano-ology-time-and-rhythm-micro-lessons-featured-image-by-james-demers-from-pixabay Image by James DeMers from Pixabay

Short and sweet insights into the true nature of musical time and rhythm…

TIME NEVER STOPS. Time keeps flowing… even in-between the notes. - frank j peter
Rhythm should feel NATURAL… ebbing, flowing, breathing with each musical phrase. - frank j peter
Musical time is not an abstract mathematical construct. Musical time lives and breathes in physical motion. - frank j peter
Musical Rhythm & Musical Technique are INSEPARABLE! - frank j peter
Musical time is not something you count in your head. Musical time is something you FEEL with your entire body. - frank j peter
Good Rhythm always flows outward… from your core, through your arms, through your hands, to your fingers. - frank j peter
Musical time is a very delicate fabric. Any attempt to fight it’s natural flow will tear the threads. - frank j peter
Always establish the rhythm by FEELING it, not merely counting it, before you start to play. - frank j peter
Musical Rhythm is not a matter of machine-like precision, but of coherent EXPRESSION! -- frank j peter
You cannot MAKE musical time happen. You can only ALLOW musical time to happen. - frank j peter

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