What is Piano-ology?

Piano-ology is more than a collection of music lessons…
It is a holistic journey
that celebrates life, freedom, love, work, and human potential.

Piano-ology is the distilled compendium of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from one man’s intensive and ongoing search for freedom and self-expression in both music and life.

Piano-ology is an extensive (and growing) multi-media library of knowledge, insights, and learn-by-doing studies that show you what knowledge and skills are important to your development as a musician, why they are important, and you how to study them the right way.

Piano-ology rejects all pedantic approaches to education in general and challenges much tradition and conventional “wisdom”. Instead, you will be immersed in a process that aligns your musical thinkings and feelings with reality. Along the way, we are going to demystify the many things that make music seem harder than it really is… and you will discover and develop the capable and confident musician that is already inside you.

Ultimately, Piano-ology will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become your own best teacher!

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