What does Piano-ology Teach?

Piano-ology is built on a foundation of musical subject matter expertise and proven educational psychology principles. And will develop every aspect of your musicianship with a holistic view of success. Topics include:

  • Emotional Preparation… developing a healthy attitude toward music, life, and learning.
  • How Your Mind Works… how to use the natural capabilities of your brain so that you can maximize learning with the precious time you have to invest.
  • How to Really Read Music… what do all those fancy symbols really mean? The goal is profound musical understanding, not playing like you were “painting by number”.
  • Technique… how to apply the natural abilities of your body and mind to play scales & arpeggios & loud & soft & legato & staccato with freedom and ease.
  • Sound… what scales, chords, chord progressions, and keys really are and how to study them so that you can really understand and hear what you are playing.
  • Rhythm… how to cultivate a full body sense of time manifested in physical motion, not as merely some intellectual abstraction.
  • How to Study a Piece of Music… how to get inside the music on many different levels, how to tap into your unique artistic sensibilities in order to create the music “between the dots”.
  • Performance… a privileged occasion that demands the right preparation. How does one prepare for a performance, deal with stage fright, and connect with the audience?
  • Composition & Improvisation… what is the true nature of creativity? How does one engage the process of creating music?
  • And much, much more…

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