How does Piano-ology Teach?

Piano-ology immerses you in a variety of transformational experiences that will excite and nurture all aspects of your being: body, mind, & spirit. You will learn to use and trust all your innate intelligences, gaining powerful insights into those things that make us dance, sing, remember, laugh and cry.

Piano-ology teaches you the fundamental building blocks of music, with the full understanding of why they are essential. You will “internalize” musically-useful patterns by integrating knowledge (the left side of your brain) and direct experience (the right side of your brain). You will understand and appreciate each pattern intimately in all its dimensions: intellectual, intuitive, visual, kinesthetic, aural, and emotional.  You will know them “by brain”, “by body”, and “by heart”. With each pattern that you master, you eliminate another obstacle from your playing and expand the kinds of music you can play with ease and confidence. On your journey, you will discover many latent talents and much untapped potential. You will learn that you are more capable than you’ve ever imagined. You will elevate your expectations of what is possible… both in music and life in general.

Piano-ology is infused with a healthy emotional approach that allows you to enjoy the process of learning and enables you to realize your full potential without self-condemnation and fear.  You will be guided down a path of joyous self-discovery that will reveal a well-rounded and confident musician and human being. As you progress, you will spontaneously start to play with more control, confidence, conviction, and artistry.

Piano-ology is a celebration of one of the greatest joys of being human… mastery of something of value that once seemed beyond one’s reach.

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