Educational Credo

Access to life-affirming education should be a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT,
available to everyone, not only those who can afford it.

The product of education should be LEADERS and CREATORS,
not followers and consumers.

“You either have it or you don’t!” is a POISONOUS MYTH
that tragically prevents people from reaching their full potential.

The GREATEST GIFT in life is not “talent”.
The greatest gift is love.

The WHOLE PERSON is important: body, mind, and spirit.
All teaching should embrace and celebrate this holistic view.

Education should be a joyous, cooperative ADVENTURE
not a stressful, competitive ordeal.

There is no such thing as overnight SUCCESS.
Genuine accomplishment always requires love and work.

True education is more than informational.
True education is TRANSFORMATIONAL;
it cultivates curiosity, critical thinking, self-awareness,
love of learning, creativity, 
cooperation, and a humanistic world-view.

Learning to do anything of value is not easy,
but learning, done right, is a joyous process of DISCOVERY
that builds confidence and becomes its own reward.

If you study the right things the right way,
you should not expect to make mere incremental improvement.
You should expect to make monumental BREAKTHROUGHS
QUANTUM LEAPS in knowledge, wisdom, insight, and skill.

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