The Piano-ology Story

Piano-ology is…

Piano-ology is more than a collection of music and piano lessons.

Piano-ology is a holistic journey that celebrates life, freedom, love, work, and human potential.

Piano-ology is the distilled compendium of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from one man’s intensive and ongoing search for freedom and self-expression in both music and life.

Piano-ology is an extensive (and growing) multi-media library of knowledge and learn-by-doing lessons that teach you what knowledge and skills are important to your development as a musician, explain why they are important, and show you how to study them the right way so that your progress is enjoyable, fast, and enduring.

Piano-ology rejects all pedantic approaches to education in general. It dispels many myths about music and piano practice and directly challenges much tradition and conventional “wisdom”.

Piano-ology immerses you in a process where theory and practice are always aligned with musical reality. Along the way, it demystifies the many things that make music seem harder than it really is.

Ultimately, Piano-ology will provide you with the attitude, knowledge, and skills required to become your own best teacher!

Piano-ology is for you if…

  • You are a self-motivated STUDENT who desires to study music for the love of life and the love of people.
  • You are a self-motivated TEACHER who wants to deepen their practice and share their love of music with others.
  • You LOVE music. You do not even have to be a piano player. Musicians and artists of all kinds will discover universal musical and life lessons here.
  • You know that “overnight success” is a myth, that real SUCCESS requires love, work, and discipline.
  • You are tired of being a “beginner”.  Despite all your dedication and hard work, you feel frustrated by painfully slow progress and feel like you haven’t really mastered anything.
  • You know that there is an ARTIST inside you, despite being told that you are “untalented”.
  • You are an accomplished player who wants to take their playing to the next level… a place where you make music with your entire being, not just your brain and fingers.

If you can sway to the rhythm and be moved by a beautiful melody, you possess the raw materials to play at a level far beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed possible. All you need is the love of music, the will to study, and expert guidance from someone who’s been there.

What does Piano-ology Teach?

Piano-ology is built on a foundation of musical subject matter expertise and proven educational psychology principles. And will develop every aspect of your musicianship with a holistic view of success. Topics include:

  • Emotional Preparation… developing a healthy attitude toward music, life, and learning.
  • How Your Mind Works… how to use the natural capabilities of your brain so that you can maximize learning with the precious time you have to invest.
  • How to Really Read Music… what do all those fancy symbols really mean? The goal is profound musical understanding, not playing like you were “painting by number”.
  • Technique… how to apply the natural abilities of your body and mind to play scales & arpeggios & loud & soft & legato & staccato with freedom and ease.
  • Sound… what scales, chords, chord progressions, and keys really are and how to study them so that you can really understand and hear what you are playing.
  • Rhythm… how to cultivate a full body sense of time manifested in physical motion, not as merely some intellectual abstraction.
  • How to Study a Piece of Music… how to get inside the music on many different levels, how to tap into your unique artistic sensibilities in order to create the music “between the dots”.
  • Performance… a privileged occasion that demands the right preparation. How does one prepare for a performance, deal with stage fright, and connect with the audience?
  • Composition & Improvisation… what is the true nature of creativity? How does one engage the process of creating music?
  • And much, much more…

How does Piano-ology Teach?

Piano-ology immerses you in a variety of transformational experiences that will excite and nurture all aspects of your being: body, mind, & spirit. You will learn to use and trust all your innate intelligences, gaining powerful insights into those things that make us dance, sing, remember, laugh and cry.

Piano-ology teaches you the fundamental building blocks of music, with the full understanding of why they are essential. You will “internalize” musically-useful patterns by integrating knowledge (the left side of your brain) and direct experience (the right side of your brain). You will understand and appreciate each pattern intimately in all its dimensions: intellectual, intuitive, visual, kinesthetic, aural, and emotional.  You will know them “by brain”, “by body”, and “by heart”. With each pattern that you master, you eliminate another obstacle from your playing and expand the kinds of music you can play with ease and confidence. On your journey, you will discover many latent talents and much untapped potential. You will learn that you are more capable than you’ve ever imagined. You will elevate your expectations of what is possible… both in music and life in general.

Piano-ology is infused with a healthy emotional approach that allows you to enjoy the process of learning and enables you to realize your full potential without self-condemnation and fear.  You will be guided down a path of joyous self-discovery that will reveal a well-rounded and confident musician and human being. As you progress, you will spontaneously start to play with more control, confidence, conviction, and artistry.

Piano-ology is a celebration of one of the greatest joys of being human… mastery of something of value that once seemed beyond one’s reach.

Piano-ology Core Values

TALENT is overrated;
Everyone is creative and capable of achieving far more than they realize…
with the proper insight, love, and the right kind of effort.

Real music is not a product to be marketed and consumed.
REAL MUSIC is a vehicle that connects, transforms, and heals.

SUCCESS is only possible when dreams and actions
are aligned with core values,

not the pursuit of recognition and external rewards.

People who have the GIFTS of health, wealth, and knowledge
have been blessed by freedom and opportunity…
and should freely share that blessing with others.

Operating Principles

Make Piano-ology FREE and OPEN to the entire world.

Be more than a library of music lessons…
Be a living model of what truly DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION can be.

TRUST that Piano-ology students will provide moral and financial support.

Educational Credo

Access to life-affirming education should be a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT,
available to everyone, not only those who can afford it.

The product of education should be LEADERS and CREATORS,
not followers and consumers.

“You either have it or you don’t!” is a POISONOUS MYTH
that tragically prevents people from reaching their full potential.

The GREATEST GIFT in life is not “talent”.
The greatest gift is love.

The WHOLE PERSON is important: body, mind, and spirit.
All teaching should embrace and celebrate this holistic view.

Education should be a joyous, cooperative ADVENTURE
not a stressful, competitive ordeal.

There is no such thing as overnight SUCCESS.
Genuine accomplishment always requires love and work.

True education is more than informational.
True education is TRANSFORMATIONAL;

Learning to do anything of value is not easy,
but learning, done right, is a joyous process of DISCOVERY
that builds confidence and becomes its own reward.

If you study the right things the right way,
you should not expect to make mere incremental improvement.
You should expect to make monumental BREAKTHROUGHS
QUANTUM LEAPS in knowledge, wisdom, insight, and skill.

The Road of Mastery

Music is a sometimes elusive, but infinitely fascinating subject that has the power to frustrate and reward every aspect of our human nature. Music study challenges us to tap into and develop all of our sensory, perceptual, conceptual, intellectual, intuitive, kinesthetic, creative, interpretive, reflective, experiential, emotional, receptive, spiritual, and expressive resources. The deep enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from stepping up to meet these challenges is part of the allure of being a musician.

Excellence is a process, not a destination. No matter how accomplished you are, there will always be another challenge to frustrate you now and delight you later. Living by embracing new horizons is always a joyous adventure. Such a musical journey is an ever-expanding sphere of healthy attitudes, meaningful ideas, practical skills, and honorable goals — earning you privileged access to higher and higher states of being and meaningful ways of experiencing this mysterious and fabulous universe. Lived as such, life cannot help but be more exciting, fun, and rewarding than you ever imagined.

Mastery does not grow by using the brute force of your brain and muscles. Mastery grows from having the right attitudes and practicing the right habits. Mastery grows by being curious, by studying the right things the right way, by being receptive to new ideas, and by making connections to things you already know. Most important, mastery grows by refusing to give up when you feel stuck or when things seem impossible.

Mastery is not something you carry with you like a diploma.  Mastery become an enduring and expanding aspect of who you are. Along the way, you will begin to experience those magical moments when your true self spontaneously taps into your deep understanding and artistic sensibility and performs without thinking.

Mastery is a road paved with two rare virtues: honesty and discipline… HONESTY about one’s weaknesses and the DISCIPLINE to work relentlessly in order to turn those weaknesses into strengths.  As such mastering the piano the piano is more about mastering “the self”… a self with its baggage of ignorance, denial, laziness, doubts, insecurities, preconceptions, self-consciousness, and fear.

Congratulations! If you’ve read this far, you’ve already passed the audition!  It shows that you have what it takes: the love of music… and the uncommon sensitivity, intellect, passion, discipline, and courage to make it a meaningful part of your life. Enjoy the process!!!

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