“Talent”, a Six-Letter Word

piano-ology-emotional-preparation-talent-a-six-letter-word-featured-photo-by-adrian-swancar-on-unsplash Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

There is no doubt that people differ in levels of expertise and performance in various fields that most consider to be extremely difficult…

… music, art, sports, chess, calculus, quantum physics… to name but a few.

And there is a widespread belief that there are a rare few individuals who “have it” and a vast majority of ordinary people who “don’t”.

Those who are deemed to “have it” are considered special, fundamentally different from the rest. They are called “gifted”, “talented”, “geniuses”, “naturals”.

What are we mere mortals, those of us without exceptional IQs, perfect pitch, photographic memories, or exquisite hand-eye coordination supposed to do?

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