Time & Rhythm

Learning Outcomes Welcome to the grossly under-appreciated subject of musical time and rhythm, which encompasses a wide variety of subjects: pulse, tempo, meter, up-beats, down-beats, back-beats, sub-beats, super-beats, duration, rests, melodic rhythm, melodic contour, dynamics, acceleration and deceleration, cycles, repetitions, anticipation, delay, melodic motives, harmonic rhythm, phrasing, and form. In this section, we will cover just the

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Time & Rhythm: Pulse & Meter

The concept and experience of a steady, repeating Pulse… akin to your heartbeat, might be considered the most basic dimension of musical time. The next dimension, Meter, is the concept and experience of organizing pulses in a hierarchical manner so that each pulse is different from the other.   First, listen to a steady drumbeat of

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