Piano Technique: Keyboard Layout: The Four “Middles”

Did you know that there are four "middles" on an 88 key keyboard? Let's take them one by one and discuss why understanding where these "middles" are is so important to your piano technique. A Typical 88 Key Keyboard Before we talk about the four "middles" let's remind ourselves that a standard 88 key keyboard … Continue reading Piano Technique: Keyboard Layout: The Four “Middles”

Piano Technique: Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is developed every time we repeat a motor activity (also known as practicing) until it becomes automatic... Muscle Memory Defined When a particular movement is repeated again and again, a long-term, sub-conscious memory is created for that movement, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process, called automatization, makes complex … Continue reading Piano Technique: Muscle Memory