Time & Rhythm: Paradiddles

Welcome to a special rhythm that illustrates the profound value of chunking in order to simplify both the mental conception and physical expression of a musical idea… How to Do These Studies YouTube video on how to do the two-fisted rhythm studies below for maximum benefit... https://youtu.be/VUTvLfTR-1k Paradiddles Starting on your Left Side Paradiddles Starting on … Continue reading Time & Rhythm: Paradiddles

How Your Brain Works: Chunking, Automatization, & Practice

brain neurons and connections

One goal of studying music is to turn disconnected pieces of information and behaviors into a single, unified, meaningful idea or behavior... The integration of many parts into integrated wholes is called chunking. Chunking is a huge contributor to music mastery because it simplifies the work that our brains have to do. Chunking allows us … Continue reading How Your Brain Works: Chunking, Automatization, & Practice