How Music Works: Chords

Learning Goals To develop an your theoretical understanding and aural comprehension of harmony. To expand your visio-spatial awareness of the piano keyboard. Links to Lessons Why Study Chords? Melody & Harmony Chord Structure: The Number System Intervals You Gotta Know Triads You Gotta Know Seventh Chords You Gotta Know Voicing Inversion Consonance & Dissonance Study Aids

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Chords: Consonance & Dissonance

Consonance is the state of harmony that sound-feels stable, settled, resolved, and free of tension. Dissonance is the state of harmony that sound-feels unstable, unsettled, unresolved, and full of tension. There are many flavors of consonance and dissonance, as you will discover when you continue your study of chords, but here are three examples. An example

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Chords: Why Study Chords?

Chord study, done right, is essential to understanding how an enormous amount of music works. If you study-practice chords the right way, you will… Learn your way around the piano, discovering the unique and sometimes quirky patterns of white and black notes that form each chord. Transform your sight-reading skills from mere memorization into profound understanding by

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