Gospel School: Bouncing Bass Lines

Here is another style of playing that really grooves at slow to medium tempos… Let’s apply the idea of “bouncing” in half notes to┬áthe big three chords (I, IV, V) in an extended Blues form… Study-Practice Notes Don’t try to memorize this! The basic pattern is simple (if you studied your scales and chords the right

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Gospel School: Vamp #2

Second in the series… featuring a major pentatonic flavor and ending with a major neighbor chord idea… Note: Play left hand one octave lower than written. Study-Practice Notes Notice the liberal use of syncopation and Blues vocabulary (Learning the Blues helps you learn gospel and vice versa!) You know you have the rhythm down when it

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Gospel School: Vamp #1

A vamp is a rhythmic, harmonically simple, repeating phrase, usually two or four bars in length that can perform four musical functions: to act as an introduction, to get a groove going, to establish a clear tonality, or to provide a background for improvisation. Here is the first in a series of definitive gospel vamping ideas for your

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