Piano Technique: Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is developed every time we repeat a motor activity (also known as practicing) until it becomes automatic... Muscle Memory Defined When a particular movement is repeated again and again, a long-term, sub-conscious memory is created for that movement, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process, called automatization, makes complex … Continue reading Piano Technique: Muscle Memory

Time & Rhythm: Paradiddles

Welcome to a special rhythm that illustrates the profound value of chunking in order to simplify both the mental conception and physical expression of a musical idea… How to Do These Studies YouTube video on how to do the two-fisted rhythm studies below for maximum benefit... https://youtu.be/VUTvLfTR-1k Paradiddles Starting on your Left Side Paradiddles Starting on … Continue reading Time & Rhythm: Paradiddles

How to Study-Practice: Studying, Practicing, & Exercising


Studying, Practicing, and Exercising are three very different behaviors with three very different goals... Studying Studying is the act of focusing ones attention on something with the goal of learning a fact, concept, principle, skill, and so on. The learning goal is to store this information in long-term memory as a declarative memory (one that … Continue reading How to Study-Practice: Studying, Practicing, & Exercising

How Your Brain Works: Chunking, Automatization, & Practice

brain neurons and connections

One goal of studying music is to turn disconnected pieces of information and behaviors into a single, unified, meaningful idea or behavior... The integration of many parts into integrated wholes is called chunking. Chunking is a huge contributor to music mastery because it simplifies the work that our brains have to do. Chunking allows us … Continue reading How Your Brain Works: Chunking, Automatization, & Practice