Ear Training: Triad Recognition

Learning Goal To recognize the unique sound/feeling of each of the four triad types: major, minor, diminished, augmented… How to Use Download zip file: Study-Aids-Ear-Training-Triad-Recognition containing dozens of MP3s: Unzip Create a Playlist Set to random play Each mp3 follows the same sequence: First, a random triad is played. 2) Identify it by type: major, minor, diminished,

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Chords: Triads You Gotta Know

Triad is just a fancy name for a three-note chord. Let’s check out the four most commonly-encountered triads: major, minor, diminished, and augmented… Major Triad Chord symbol: C Chord structure: 1-3-5 Character: consonant, happy, light, heroic Minor Triad Chord symbol: Cm or C- Chord structure: 1-b3-5 Character: consonant, sad, heavy, brooding Augmented Triad Chord symbol: Caug

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