Scales: Quiz: Letter Names & Solfege: C Major

Multiple-choice quiz that tests & quickly teaches the Letter Names & Solfege Syllables for the C Major Scale

Given a Letter Name, identify the Solfege Syllable.
Given a Solfege syllable, identify the Letter Name.
(14 Questions)

In the key of C Major, Ti = ?

In the key of C Major, Mi = ?

In the key of C Major, Re = ?

In the key of C Major, A = ?

In the key of C Major, D = ?

In the key of C Major, Do = ?

In the key of C Major, B = ?

In the key of C Major, C = ?

In the key of C Major, Fa = ?

In the key of C Major, La = ?

In the key of C Major, G = ?

In the key of C Major, E = ?

In the key of C Major, F = ?

In the key of C Major, So = ?

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