Lydian Scale: Theory & Ear Training


The Lydian Scale has a bright, playful, tonally ambiguous quality that you will immediately recognize in the examples below…


Here, for example, are the notes in the C Lydian Scale identified by letter name, scale degree, and Solfege syllable…


  1. The scale structure of the Lydian Scale is always 1-2-3-#4-5-6-7-1, no matter what key you are in.
  2. The Solfege syllables of the Lydian Scale are always Do-Re-Mi-Fi-So-La-Ti-Do, no matter what key you are in.
  3. The only thing that changes when you change keys are the letter names.

Comparative Scale Study

It is musically-appropriate to think of the Lydian Scale as a variation of the =Major Scale. They share the same notes with one exception: Fi instead of Fa.

Play and sing the Lydian Scale and Major Scale side-by-side, slowly enough to hear the distinct difference.

Notice that F# (Fi) acts as a leading tone to G (So).

C Lydian Scale: Linear, Ascending…


C Lydian Scale: Linear, Descending…


C Lydian Scale: Do-X-Do, Ascending…


C Lydian Scale: Do-X-Do, Descending…


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