C Dorian Scale: Theory & Ear Training


The Dorian Scale has a primitive, minorish, sometimes jazzy quality that is widely used in Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Folk musics…

C Dorian Scale: Notation, Scale Degrees, Solfege & Keyboard Layout…


Study-Practice Tip: It is helpful, and musically-appropriate, to think of the Dorian Scale as the minor version of the Mixolydian Scale. A E (Mi) gives the Mixolydian Scale a major flavor, the Eb (Me) is gives the Dorian Scale a minor flavor.

Real-World Examples of the Dorian Scale in Action…

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Evil Ways (Santana)

So What (Miles Davis) Tonality: D Dorian

Too Late Baby (Carol King) Tonality: A Dorian

Riders on the Storm (The Doors) Tonality: E Dorian

Ear Training

Reading, playing, and singing the Solfege syllables out loud is an extremely effective way to internalize the unique sound-feeling of each note in the scale.

C Dorian Scale: Linear Ascending


C Dorian Scale: Linear Descending


C Dorian Scale: Do-X-Do Ascending…


C Dorian Scale: Do-X-Do Descending


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