Rock School: Famous Keyboard Parts: "Won't Get Fooled Again": Synth Intro

A study of one of the most interesting keyboard parts in rock history, composed and performed by Pete Townshend using some very inventive harmonic interplay along with some electronic wizardry in the studio…

This lesson comes in four parts: Frank Playing, Frank’s Transcription, Study-Practice-Performance Notes, and a Choreography Video. Let’s go!

Frank Playing…

 Frank’s Transcription…


Study-Practice-Performance Notes

  • Technically, this is a fabulous etude in repeated chords. Watch the Choreography Video below to learn how to play without tension.
  • Compositionally, this is a great example of interesting patterns that are not easily explained by conventional theory.
  • It may look very complicated on the surface, but the ideas are quite simple.
  • Rhythmically, it is a relentless barrage of eighth notes.
  • Melodically, the right hand is an exploration of an A major penta-chord.
  • Harmonically, an enduring pedal point on A clearly establishes this in the key of A, but the middle voice keeps changing the mood. The note G suggests a mixolydian flavor, the note F suggests a minorish tonality, the note D suggests a suspension, and the note F# in the last two bars suggests a majorish tonality.
  • Using both your ears and your knowledge of music theory, study it until you hear and understand its essence and enjoy the results!

Choreography Video

Is anyone interested in a how-to video demonstrating the technique and choreography for playing this with freedom and ease? Comment below!

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