Pop-Rock School: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” Intro

Piano version of one of the most unique and interesting keyboard parts in rock history…

…composed and constructed by Pete Townshend using some very inventive harmonic interplay along with some electronic wizardry in the studio.

Watch Frank Play…

Frank’s Transcription…

Note: The score for the entire piece is available for a donation to the website.

Study-Practice-Performance Notes

  • Technically, a fabulous etude in medium tempo repeated chords.
  • Rhythmically, a relentless barrage of eighth notes.
  • Compositionally, a great example of patterns not easily explained by conventional theory.
  • Melodically, the right hand is an exploration of an A major penta-chord.
  • Harmonically, an enduring pedal point on A clearly establishes this in the key of A. The notes C# and G suggest a mixolydian flavor (thus the key signature of two sharps). The last few bars are unambiguously Mixolydian (the workhorse I-bVII-IV chord progression).

Is anyone interested in a how-to video demonstrating the technique and choreography for playing this with freedom and ease? Comment below!

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