Play Like an Artist: Micro-Lessons

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Short and sweet insights into the true nature of artistic performance…

Aspire to your UNIQUENESS… Don’t try to be a better version of somebody else. - frank j peter
TRUE ART is not a product to be marketed, consumed, and collected. TRUE ART is a vehicle that connects, inspires, and heals. - frank j peter
Technique & Interpretation are INSEPARABLE. - frank j peter
“Take your shoes off!” - C. A. Hurst
Having a hard time making it sound MUSICAL? SING it out loud… then play it like you sang it! - frank j peter
The rests are as important as the notes. - frank j peter
Our reasons for playing should be bigger than the music... creativity, discipline, fun, freedom, fellowship, self-actualization, peace, service, and love of life. - frank j peter
Don’t play to impress… Play to connect… with the music… with yourself… and with others. - frank j peter
PLAY SOMETHING! A person, place, thing, texture, color, feeling, memory, dream. - frank j peter
Don’t try to be unique. Just be yourself! - frank j peter
The INSIDE of each note is as important as the OUTSIDE. - frank j peter
If your music is fun to make, it will be fun to listen to! - frank j peter
A truly musical performance is an honest EXPRESSION, not a clever calculation. - frank j peter
The END of each note is as important as the BEGINNING. - frank j peter
Don’t merely memorize your music… UNDERSTAND it! - frank j peter
Play in coherent phrases, not just notes... as you speak in sentences, not just syllables. - frank j peter
BREATHE in between each & every phrase. - frank j peter
I’ll take AUTHENTICITY over “perfection” every time.  - frank j peter