Piano Technique: The Finger Training Myth (Bach)

piano-ology-piano-technique-the-finger-training-myth-bach-featured-photo-by-jude-beck-on-unsplash Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Yet another example promoting the poisonous finger-gymnastics school of piano technique…

As long as the finger-training mythology boxed in red below occupies the shelf at the music store… and continues to be touted by so-called piano teachers… millions of trusting piano students will suffer until they give up in frustration with the mistaken belief that they are untalented.

Personal note from Frank: This volume of Bach Preludes was prescribed to me as “exercises” in 1998 by a world-class concert artist who shall remain nameless…. because, no matter how long and diligently I practiced in an effort the strengthen my “weak” fingers and to make my “slow” fingers faster, I was never able to play even the simplest of these pieces without physical exertion, awkwardness, disjointed rhythm, unmusical rendition, and total lack of confidence. By the way, I can play these musically, and with freedom and ease now, but only after totally rejecting the finger-training mindset that still pervades piano teaching everywhere. I invite everyone, students and teachers alike, to join me.