Piano Technique: The Development Process

piano-ology-piano-technique-principles-of-velocity-featured-photo-by-patrick-schneider-on-unsplash Photo by Patrick-Schneider on Unsplash

Great technique cannot be developed by the mindless repetition of physical exercises…

Great technique develops only by mindful experimentation.

It doesn’t matter how hard you practice if you’re doing something the wrong way. If you practice the wrong way you will suffer, but you will suffer needlessly. It would be a tragedy indeed if you abandoned your music, something you really love, because you wrongly concluded that you are untalented. The good news is that all you are missing are some very simple insights into how your body works, how the piano works, and how they work together.

Development of your technique is a largely a process of becoming aware of unconscious sources of unnecessary tension and unproductive motion. That awareness is developed and internalized by trying some simple experiments and noticing how things look and sound and feel.

In doing so, you discover your technique by the simple process of keeping what works and gently eliminating the tension and wasted motion that is preventing you from playing with freedom and ease.

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