Piano Technique: Micro-Lessons

piano-ology-piano-technique-micro-lessons-featured-photo-by-guang-yang-on-unsplash Photo by Guang Yang on Unsplash

Short and sweet insights into the true nature of Piano Technique

Listen to what your body is trying to tell you! - frank j peter
Playing the piano well is like dancing... with a partner. - frank j peter
The solution to a technical problem is always found in the direction of mental & physical ease. - frank j peter
Technique & Interpretation are inseparable. The way you move your body is the way the music is going to sound and feel. - frank j peter
Playing the piano should never, ever hurt. - frank j peter
Beware of anyone who claims that you need to build strength & endurance in order to play the piano. - frank j peter
Expert piano technique is a team sport… Your entire body contributes to every musical idea, large and small. - frank j peter
You cannot “try” to relax; you can eliminate tension. - frank j peter
Fast playing is not a matter of developing “speed”; It’s all about cultivating ACCURACY! - frank j peter
Musical piano technique is achieved by the natural coordination of your fingers, hands, arms, and entire body. - frank j peter
Even the tiniest adjustments have the power to liberate your technique... Experiment, Experiment, Experiment! - frank j peter
The road to technical ease is paved with awareness & mindful experimentation, not physical training. - frank j peter
Don’t be afraid to use the entire length of the keys. - frank j peter
You cannot make beautiful music if you play with just your fingers, no matter how dexterous & well-trained they might be. - frank j peter
Playing with good technique is largely the process of learning how to get out of your own way. - frank j peter
Suggesting that you play the piano using only your fingers is like suggesting that you dance ballet using only your feet. - frank j peter
Let GRAVITY do the work! - frank j peter
The development of one’s technique is best described as a process of discovery, not body-building. - frank j peter
Musical technique is achieved by fluid CHOREOGRAPHY, not machine-like precision. - frank j peter
Never stop playing... even in-between the notes…especially in-between the notes! - frank j peter