Piano Technique: Causes of Technical Problems

piano-ology-how-your-body-and-the-piano-work-together-featured-photo-by-austin-pacheco-on-unsplash Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

The causes of a technical problem fall into five basic categories…

  1. Playing from an unnatural starting , one that is out of balance, awkward, or rigid.
  2. Using the the wrong body parts for the job.
  3. Using the right body parts for the job but using the wrong motions.
  4. Using the right body parts and the right motions, but either too much motion or too little motion.
  5. Using either too much force or not enough force to accomplish the task at hand.

And so, the solution to a technical problem is found by exploring those same five questions:

  1. Am i playing from a natural and free and easy but ready to play starting place?
  2. Am I using the right body parts for the job?
  3. Am I using the right motions for the job?
  4. Am I using the right amount of motion?
  5. And am i using just the right amount of force?

All the lessons that follow are going to explore these questions in a way that will enable you to discover for yourself how to play with freedom and ease.

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