Performance Anxiety

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-featured-photo-by-nazar-yakymenko-on-unsplash Photo by Nazar Yakymenko on Unsplash

Welcome to a series of lessons on how to tame the stage fright monster…

  1. Symptoms
  2. Taming the Monster
  3. Differential Diagnoses
  4. What Causes Stage Fright?
  5. The Proving Ground
  6. A Meditation on Gratitude
  7. A True Story
  8. The Hobgoblin of Perfection
  9. A Word about Beta Blockers
  10. Good Humor
  11. The Mind-Body Connection
  12. Stream of Consciousness
  13. The Problem with Don’t
  14. The Power of Positive Thinking
  15. The Inquisition
  16. Super-Fast Relaxation Techniques
  17. Body Language
  18. The Intelligence of Movement (coming soon)
  19. Performance Goals Reconsidered (coming soon)
  20. Preparation Reconsidered (coming soon)
  21. Silencing The Critic Within (coming soon)
  22. Worry Reconsidered (coming soon)
  23. Exposure Therapy (coming soon)
  24. Stage Fright Practice (coming soon)
  25. Connect With Your Audience
  26. Failure, Courage, and Confidence (coming soon)
  27. Frank’s Ritual (coming soon)
  28. Micro-Lessons