Performance Anxiety: Mistake-Proofing

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-mistake-proofing-featured-photo-by-peter-pryharski-on-unsplash Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash

The purpose of quality study-practice is NOT to make sure you never make a mistake…

The purpose of quality study-practice is to make sure you know the music so well that you can keep on playing like it’s no big deal when you do make a mistake!

No one is suggesting that you walk into a performance unprepared. Quite the contrary. Do your best to prepare, but accept that honest mistakes are part of being human and study-practice accordingly. This is a vast subject on its own, already presented in the series: How to Study-Practice.

Anyway, back to our topic…

Your capacity to handle the inevitable mistake is like having a spare tire. Hoping you will never get a flat tire is not a good plan, but having a spare tire just in case reduces your anxiety immensely and gives you a whole new level of confidence that you can get no other way.

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