Performance Anxiety: Micro-Lessons

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-micro-lessons-featured-photo-by-shelbey-miller-on-unsplash Photo by Shelbey Miller on Unsplash

Short and sweet insight into taming the stage fright beast…

My comfort in front of an audience is found in the willingness to be myself, not what I think anyone else expects me to be. - frank j peter
Did you know… that a seven-digit phone number worth of positive thoughts is enough to crowd out ALL negative thoughts? - frank j peter
Know the music so deeply that, when you make the inevitable mistake, you can keep on playing like it’s no big deal. - frank j peter
Did you know… that SMILING makes you feel better? - frank j peter
Did you know… that a SMILE is so powerful that it will make people around you smile, too! - frank j peter
Don't mumble! Play it like you mean it! - frank j peter
It's okay to take our music seriously without taking ourselves seriously. - frank j peter
One way to tame the stage fright monster is to laugh at it! - frank j peter
Don’t listen to me… Listen to the song! - frank j peter
The best way to stop worrying about things is to eliminate things to worry about. - frank j peter
Breathe!!! But not just any old way… Breathe with the music! - frank j peter
Don't be shy! Go for it! - frank j peter
Small confidence comes from knowing the music. BIG CONFIDENCE comes from knowing that you know the music! - frank j peter
How do you remember a piece of music? By forgetting EVERYTHING else! - frank j peter