Performance Anxiety: Differential Diagnoses

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-differential-diagnosis-featured-photo-by-yury-orlov-on-unsplash Photo by Yury Orlov on Unsplash

Before we confront the problem of genuine performance anxiety, realize that our feelings of exposure and dread may not be stage fright at all…

… but symptomatic of two other issues…

  • Perhaps it is the very rational fear of not being adequately prepared. If this is the case, make sure to fully understand How to Study-Practice.
  • Perhaps the extrinsic motivations associated with the performance are putting too much pressure on the outcome, distracting our attention away from the intrinsic enjoyment of our life as a musician. (More on this subject in subsequent postings.)

That said, bona fide stage fright is the overwhelming feeling of discomfort and loss of control before or during a performance…

  • despite loving what we are doing,
  • despite doing it for the right reasons, and
  • despite being otherwise prepared (musically at least).

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