Performance Anxiety: Courage

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-courage-featured-photo-by-adli-wahid-on-unsplash Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

We have now arrived at the moment of truth when we have to decide that we really are going to play for others.

To that end, let’s psych ourselves up by embracing the following…

  1. There is no bigger confidence booster than confronting the stage fright monster face to face and living to tell the story.
  2. Life’s most painful regrets are not the things we try and fail to do, but the things we never try all.
  3. Being afraid doesn’t make you special… But facing that fear honestly, constructively, and courageously makes you very special, no matter what happens.
  4. There is absolutely no shame in giving something an honest effort and messing up. You can live with that. In fact, you can more than live with that. You can be genuinely PROUD of that!

And so, it is time for you to say to yourself: “I’m tired of being scared!” and just go for it!

And if you do take that leap into the unknown, I bet that you will discover that you are capable of lots more than you ever dreamed possible.

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