Performance Anxiety: Connect with Your Audience

piano-ology-performance-anxiety-connect-with-your-audience-featured-photo-by-yannis-a-on-unsplash Photo by Yannis A on Unsplash

Always be open and friendly with your audience or anyone else you meet along the way.

A genuine smile, a firm handshake, sincere eye contact, and a nod of recognition primes the environment to be open and accepting rather than closed and intimidating, immediately removing any perceived barriers between you and the world around you.

Your stage (literally and figuratively) should never be a pedestal or pulpit above and separate from the audience. If you want to touch people, it should be a place of celebration where you resonate with the special energy of the moment by being fully present. That said, Presence is achieved by being receptive to the environment, not by trying to control it.

Authenticity has an extremely magnetic quality… and people know authenticity when they see it. So, always bring your best self to the performance and always be genuine. Whether in music or life in general, it is extremely stressful to “manage your image” by trying to be something you are not. Your comfort, confidence, and ability to connect with others is directly proportional to your willingness to be yourself. If you want to be comfortable on stage (or anywhere else on the planet), always be yourself, not who you think people want you to be.

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