Names of the Piano Keys

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Let’s learn how to name the piano keys using naturals, sharps, and flats…

In doing so, we will expand our visio-spatial awareness of the keyboard and prepare ourselves for expert music-reading.

Links to Lessons

  1. Keyboard Layout
  2. Naturals
  3. Sharps
  4. Flats
  5. Double Sharps & Double Flats
  6. Lesson Summary
  7. Study Aids


  1. 1. Is the website upgrade mentioned in “links temporarily down during website upgrade” message is still in progress and that’s why navigation links are not working?
    2. The image in “Double Sharps & Double Flats” sub-section is missing (there is a placeholder text shown instead).

    1. Thanks for asking. Yes, the website upgrade is still in progress… delayed, frustratingly so, by some life events that have put me way behind schedule. That said, may I ask which lessons you would be most interested in? I would be happy to push those to the front of the line!
      Thanks a bunch for the heads up on the missing image. I added two examples, without explanation, as I think I would only cause more confusion by trying to explain why double sharps and double flats make theoretical sense at this point. It only becomes important when studying written music of the highest caliber, anyway.

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