Names of the Piano Keys: Lesson Summary

piano-ology-names-of-the-piano-keys-lesson-summary-featured-photo-by-oleg-kuzmin-on-unsplash Photo by Oleg Kuzmin on Unsplash

Here are the piano keys named using naturals, sharps, and flats…

Important points:

  • There are seven naturals, seven sharps, and seven flats, one for each of the seven letters A through G.
  • The white keys are no more or less important than the black keys.
  • Black keys are not the only keys that can be a sharp or flat; white keys can also be a sharp or flat.
  • There are twelve physical piano keys, but each can be named differently depending on the musical context. Don’t worry about why for now. It will all make sense when we study scales and chords.
  • Do not use C as a crutch for finding the other notes. C was easy to learn, right? Well the other are just as easy to learn as C. Learn them directly!

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