Jazz School: Mixolydian Tonality: Mixolydian Triads


Mixolydian Triads (triads derived from the Mixolydian Scale) are a tasty way to play over a I7 chord in a Mixolydian tonality…

This is yet another example of how scales and chords are complimentary views of the same musical stuff… and of how knowing your scales helps you know your chords and vice versa!

Don’t fuss over how each chord is named. Just absorb the sound, visio-spatial pattern on the keyboard, and the shape of your hand into your musical mind.

Improvisation Hint: With the root C in the bass, use these triads to create a “chord-melody” in your right hand. For example…

Study-Practice Notes:

  • Notice that each chord has the very same characteristic triad “shape”.
  • Feel free to revoice the triads into other shapes to suit your own taste.
  • Transpose to all keys you expect to play in.

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