Jazz School: Major Blues: 12-Bar Comping Pattern #5

Fifth in a series of lessons that will progressively develop your Jazz Blues comping chops…

music notation showing a major 12 bar blues comping pattern

Study-Practice Notes

How to use these studies

Pattern Recognition: (1) Left Hand: Chord roots played in steady quarter notes, (2) Right Hand: An inversion of the right hand from Pattern #4, (3) Definitive tones (3,b7) of each chord connected by voice leading, (4) 2-bar syncopated rhythm, (5) Don’t forget to swing the eighth notes!

Interpretation: (1) Be sensitive to the 3-phrase form, (2) Be aware of the underlying 4 beat pulse in each bar.

Technique Tips: (1) Adjust the shape of your right hand to naturally fit the shape of each chord, (2) No flams between left and right hand, (3) Use a prepared attack, (4) Have some arm and hand momentum and work with gravity.

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