Jazz School: Dorian Tonality: Dorian Scale


Welcome to the Dorian Scale, our first lesson in Dorian Tonality a commonly-used tonality in modal Jazz and Jazz Blues…

C Dorian Scale: Notation, Scale Degrees, Solfege, & Keyboard Layout…


Comparative Scale Study

  1. Just as Eb (Me) gives the C Minor Scale its minor sound, Eb (Me) also gives the C Dorian Scale a minor quality.
  2. The C Dorian shares the same notes as the C Natural Minor Scale with one exception: A (La) instead of Ab (Le). Only one note has changed, yet this single note dramatically changes the sound, feeling, and character of the scale, enabling you to create a whole new kind of music!
  3. The C Dorian Scale has the same key signature as the Bb Major Scale.

Ear Training

Reading and singing the Solfege syllables out loud is a very effective way to internalize the unique sound-feeling of each note in a musical scale. Reminder: It is absolutely essential that you sing these out loud… and to play and sing slowly enough to allow the unique sound-feeling of each solfege syllable to make an impression on your mind’s ear.

C Dorian Scale: Linear, Ascending…


C Dorian Scale: Linear, Descending…


C Dorian Scale: Do-X-Do, Ascending…


C Dorian Scale: Do-X-Do, Descending…


Tip: Many other patterns are possible as well, but the 80-20 principle suggests that your time is better spent going right to the kinds of music that YOU want to play for your study-practice material.

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