Jazz School: Chord Voicings: Minor 7 Basic


A wide variety of musical effects can be realized by the vertical arrangement of notes in a chord. Jazz chords in particular, given their harmonic complexity, present many opportunities for creative chord voicing. That said, welcome to the first in the series of commonly-used chord voicings for a C Minor Seventh chord…
We begin with the most basic voicing…
(If you need a refresher on chord structure: Chord Structure: The Number System)

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A logical and musical next step is to move the right hand pattern above to your left hand, leaving room to play a melody or improvise with your right…

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You still have HOMEWORK to do!: Using your knowledge of scale and chord structure (and your ears of course), transpose these voicings to all twelve keys. In doing so, you are going to build an enormous chord vocabulary that integrates the aural, visio-spatial, kinesthetic and lays a solid foundation for fluent improvisation!

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