How Your Brain Works

Learning Goals

Isn’t it curious (and so very unfortunate) that we all go to school for years and years without ever learning how our brain, the very organ that we are trying to change in the process, works? It is no wonder that piano lessons (and education in general) are often synonymous with drudgery and frustration.

Here you are going to learn how your brain works… in simple, practical terms.  As either student or teacher, it is critically important that you fully understand the straightforward, empowering concepts presented in the links below.  In doing so, you will learn how to make the most of your amazing brain and enjoy a lifetime of fun and efficient learning.

Links to Lessons

  1. What is Learning?
  2. The Learning Mystique
  3. The Computer Model Myth
  4. Experts & Novices
  5. Fundamentals of Expertise
  6. The Power & Challenge of Studying
  7. The ABC View of Intelligence
  8. One Brain, Many Intelligences
  9. One Brain, Two Sides
  10. Memory Fundamentals
  11. The Learning Process
  12. The Power & Challenge of Attention
  13. Soak Time
  14. “Memorization”
  15. Why We Forget
  16. Memory Aids
  17. Chunking, Automization, & Practice
  18. Consolidation
  19. Recognition & Recall
  20. The Power of Patterns
  21. Habits
  22. State-Dependent Learning
  23. The Role of Emotion in Learning & Performance
  24. Blossom’s Dance
  25. Post-Course Quiz (coming soon!)

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