How Your Brain Works

side view of human brain

Isn’t it crazy that we go to school for years without learning how our brain–the very organ that we are trying to change in the process–works?

It is no wonder that piano lessons are so often synonymous with drudgery and frustration.

This series of lessons will give you a practical understanding of how your amazing brain works, laying a rock solid foundation for a lifetime of fun and efficient learning. Let’s go!

  1. ABC View of Learning
  2. The Learning Mystique
  3. One Brain, Many Intelligences
  4. One Brain, Two Sides
  5. The Power of Studying
  6. Memory Fundamentals
  7. The Learning Process
  8. The Power of Attention
  9. Soak Time
  10. “Memorization”
  11. Interference
  12. Association & Elaboration
  13. Chunking, Automatization, & Practice
  14. Consolidation
  15. The Power of Patterns
  16. Memory Challenge
  17. Habit Formation
  18. State-Dependent Learning
  19. Blossom’s Dance

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