How Your Brain Works: The Power of Studying

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If you want to master something, you can’t just passively expose yourself to it and hope that it magically seeps in somehow…

If you really want to get good at something, you have to study it.

The problem is that Studying takes effort. And that’s why studying is so rare. But studying also has enormous benefits, but is not as hard you think if you do it the right way.

Benefits of Studying

Material that is studied, rather than merely “memorized”, is permanently stored in your memory.

Material that is studied, rather than merely “memorized”, is remembered under pressure.

Studying makes you smarter in the sense that learning things today makes it easier to learn other things tomorrow.

Studying leads to mastery and the feelings of competence, self-worth, and confidence that grow with each genuine accomplishment.

How to be an Effective Studier

Effective studiers understand how their brain works and change their study habits accordingly.

Effective studiers are active participants. They don’t just watch. They do.

Effective studiers learn new things by relating and connecting them to things they already know.

Effective studiers use all, not just some, of their many intelligences.

Effective studiers know that one minute of focused attention beats superficial exposure for weeks, months, or even years.

Effective studiers know that studying is tiring, but this feeling of effort means that they are learning at a very deep level.

Effective studiers fuel their work ethic with something that all masters share: love for what they are doing.

Effective studiers know that studying is harder than not studying, but it’s not as hard as you think.

Effective studiers know that studying the wrong way makes learning slow and painful, but studying things the right way makes learning fast and fun.

Effective studiers know that studying is a choice, not a talent.

The Takeaway: You are too good to just play. You have to STUDY!

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