How Your Brain Works: The ABC View of Intelligence

piano-ology-how-your-brain-works-the-abc-view-of-intelligence-featured-image-by-gerd-altmann-from-pixabay Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

One way to view intelligence is to divide it into three domains: affect, behavior, and cognition

This “ABC model” validates our intuitive notion of ourselves as comprised of body, mind, and spirit.

Piano-ology is designed to routinely tap into all three of these very important and complementary aspects of our being.

Affective Domain (Spirit)

The affective domain is the realm of feeling… emotions, attitudes, values, beliefs.

Behavioral Domain (Body)

The behavioral domain is the realm doing… bodily actions and sensations.

Cognitive Domain (Mind)

The cognitive domain is the realm of thinking… ideas, thoughts, associations, calculations, definitions, concepts, language, and so on.

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