How Your Brain Works: One Brain, Many Intelligences

many colorful gears turning inside a human brain

Your brain is not a single organ…

Your brain is a complex collection of electro-chemical structures that perform an amazing variety of emotional, cognitive, sensory, and motor functions…

  • Some parts of your brain perceive the world around you, giving the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
  • Some move your many body parts.
  • Some process the language that enters your ears; others process the language that exits your mouth.
  • Some count numbers, some remember stories.
  • Some perceive shapes, others see colors.
  • Some perceive edges, other perceive orientations and movements.
  • Some parts are logical; some are intuitive.
  • Some rehearse a phone number for just a few seconds; others remember your ABCs for a lifetime.
  • Some remember faces; others remember melodies.
  • Some help different parts share information with each other.
  • Some work together to integrate parts into wholes.
  • Some trigger your fight, flight, or freeze responses.
  • Some can imagine things… allowing us to “see” with your eyes closed or to “hear” with no sound entering your ears.
  • Can you think of some more?

The takeaway: You have an incredibly powerful and versatile tool called a brain at your disposal. And if you learn how it works and how to use it, you will enjoy a lifetime of fun and efficient learning, guaranteed!

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