The 80-20 Principle


The 80-20 Principle is an observation that, in human endeavors, the majority of effects come from a minority of causes and vice versa…

In other words, only a small percentage of our time and energy is very productive, while most of our time and energy is wasted doing things that have little. In fact, some of our biggest investments of effort may be useless or even detrimental.


By the way, there is nothing magical about the numbers 80% and 20%.  Some activities can be 90%-10% or better-worse!

Applied to playing piano, The 80-20 Principle is an invitation to discover how to learn the most with the least effort. To that tend, if you want to become the best musician you can be, you must…

  • Focus on the minority of efforts that produce the majority of fruit.
  • Stop wasting time doing things that do not prepare you for performance.
  • Align all of your study habits with the end — your personal musical goals — in mind.
  • Stop wasting time practicing musical patterns that are not relevant to the music that you want to play.
  • Start investing your precious time and energy mastering musical patterns that are relevant to the music that YOU want to play.

The countless lessons of Piano-ology will show you exactly how to replace wasteful study habits with productive study habits with The 80-20 Principle in mind. We will show you exactly what things to study, why these things are important, and how to study them the right way, so that you can make the most of your precious time and energy and turn learning into a joyous process filled with monumental breakthroughs!

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