How to Study-Practice

piano-ology-how-to-study-practice-featured-photo-by-ian-dooley-on-unsplash Photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash

Let’s apply the lessons learned in Emotional Preparation and How Your Brain Works to learn how to study-practice music the right way…

Understanding the simple, but powerful concepts presented here is critically-important for at least two reasons. First, they will instill study-practice habits that will transform endless frustration into a lifetime of unfolding joy. Second, they infuse the Piano-ology teaching approach and will be referred to throughout the site as they become relevant.

Links to Lessons

  1. A Test for Talent
  2. Quality First, Quantity Second
  3. Motivation
  4. It’s All Mental
  5. Habits
  6. Problem Solving
  7. If at First You Don’t Succeed
  8. Studying, Practicing, Exercising
  9. The 80-20 Principle
  10. “Memorization”
  11. Managing Your Expectations
  12. Study-Practice Session Guidelines
  13. Ways to Know a Piece of Music
  14. Ears First
  15. Divide & Conquer
  16. Slow Playing
  17. Visualization
  18. Hands Separate
  19. The Drummer’s Trick
  20. Feedback
  21. Before You Begin, a Meditation
  22. Micro-Lessons